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Trade Kings Zimbabwe are the manufacturers of the Boom and Xtra range of detergent products. Production takes place at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants for both detergent powder and paste, situated in the Workington area of Harare.

The realization of both detergent plants together with the immense effort and commitment of our management and staff has positioned Trade Kings Zimbabwe as the largest detergent manufacturing company in Zimbabwe.

At full capacity our plants will supply into the local market and regional export markets. Our investment into state-of-the-art technology and equipment is part of a series of investments into various local manufacturing facilities planned for Zimbabwe.

Our Products

Trade Kings Zimbabwe manufacture various brands of detergent powder and paste.

Boom Washing Powder
Boom washing powder is formulated with multi-enzymes for premium stain removal. Great on grease stains, food stains and all other stains. It softens, preserves and adds a long-lasting perfume to your laundry whilst being gentle on your hands.
Xtra Washing Powder
Xtra washing powder gives you more! Carefully formulated to give you the best stain removal properties of multi-enzymes, combined with our unique softener that preserves fabrics, it leaves your wash clean and cared for in one convenient package.
Boom Paste
Boom paste is the region’s preferred detergent brand. We guarantee smoother and softer fabrics, effective stain removal and an overall pleasant washing experience.

Providing market-leading, high quality brands at an affordable price.