Who Are We

Trade Kings Zimbabwe was established in 2014 as a manufacturing company for laundry detergents and homecare products. The company has developed two-state of the art manufacturing facilities for detergent powder and detergent paste. At full capacity our detergent products will cater for demand from both local and export markets.

Our Products

Trade Kings Zimbabwe manufactures detergent powder in numerous variations within the Boom, Xtra, Hippo, and Diamond range of products. We also manufacture Boom Detergent Paste and will manufacture a variety of household products in the coming months.

Boom Washing Powder

Boom Washing Powder is a multi-enzyme washing powder which removes everyday stains and maintains the colour of your clothes and laundry. Boom has extra cellulases which improve the overall whiteness and brightness in clothes. We manufacture Boom Powder in 3 different variants: Original, Floral Fusion and Morning Fresh.

Boom Washing Powder is available in 3.5Kg Bucket, 2kg Pouch, 1.5kg Bucket, 1kg Pouch, 1kg Jar, 500g Pouch, 500g Box, 250g Box and 150g Box.

Xtra Washing Powder

Xtra Washing Powder is a hand washing powder that has a combination of powder and fabric softener. The high amount of foam in Xtra enables it to remove stubborn and greasy stains. Xtra is not only soft on your clothes, but also your hands.

Xtra Washing Powder is available in 3.5kg Bucket, 2kg Pouch, 1kg Pouch, 500g Pouch, 500g Box, 250g Box and 150g Box.

Boom Detergent Paste

Boom Detergent Paste guarantees smoother and softer fabrics, effective stain removal and an overall pleasant washing performance. It is formulated for hand washing and is very cost effective. It is packaged in boxes with easy to open pouches.

Boom Detergent Paste is available in a 400g Box and a 200g Box.